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Working on Your Summer Body? Eat Indochinese

From barbecues, to picnics, to festivals, to eating out with friends, summer is a time for being social—and food is often what brings people together. Many people try to lighten up their diets during these warmer months for beach vacations and holidays in the sun, but it can prove challenging when friends are constantly gathering to chow down and chat. Not to worry: Indochinese cuisine is the perfect option if you’re looking to eat out without piling on the pounds. With fresh herbs, light broths and lots of veggies, Banana Tree’s food is ideal any diet and any season, but especially for summer.

Indochinese cuisine tends to highlight fresh vegetables, making it great for vegetarians. At Banana Tree, we have an entire menu dedicated to vegetarian cooking. We highly recommend the Blackened Monks Noodles, in which wok-fired rice noodles are topped with healthy, crunchy vegetables, egg and tofu, all tossed in a blackened sauce. And if you want a dish that packs some heat, try the Chilli, Ginger and Basil Stir-Fry with Tofu, which contains a mix of vegetables in a Siamese yellow bean sauce. 

Watching your waistline but still love meat? Our grilled dishes are perfect for you. Our grilling method infuses smoky flavour into the meat without the need for rich sauces and calorie-laden toppings. Order the Char Grilled Duck, Chicken Jawa or Blackened Chilli Pork as a combo meal and get aromatic spiced rice and a bright, spicy green papaya salad alongside. If sticks are more your style, try the Kajang Grilled Satay, featuring chicken skewers and a moreish peanut dipping sauce. You could also sample a Bun Bo Meaty Salad Bowl, complete with rice noodles, a showering of fresh herbs, crushed nuts and crispy shallots. 

Our Lemongrass, Turmeric and Cashew Stir-Fry is particularly good for health-conscious diners, as it is loaded with vegetables like peppers, broccoli and baby corn. Turmeric, noted for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, adds zingy flavour to the sauce, resulting in a dish that is both satisfying and light. Plus, it comes with a choice of protein to please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. 

Indochinese cuisine can truly support any diet, and Banana Tree prides itself on offering a wide variety of dishes that are suitable for our gluten-free guests. Among our many gluten-free options are Seafood Kari Melayu, our house special Banana Tree Laksa, Roast Duck Curry and Crispy Chicken with Mango and Sweet Lime Sauce, as well as a number of our tantalising starters. We want to ensure that all of our diners are able to enjoy the light, healthy and flavourful food that is carefully prepared in our kitchens.

Our focus on colourful vegetables, fresh herbs and authentic spices sets us apart from all the other Thai restaurants in Angel, Soho, Bayswaterand beyond, and these elements are what make Indochinese cuisine the ultimate match for summer. The next time you’re grabbing a bite to eat with friends, head over to Banana Tree. We’ve got everything you need to have a delicious meal that feeds your summer body without sacrificing flavour or fun.