Here's Why Banana Tree is Best for Christmas Parties
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The Best Reasons to Have Your Christmas Party at Banana Tree!

Think ‘Christmas’, and ‘Indochina’ may not be the first word that comes to mind – the region isn’t known for its wintery weather or festive celebrations. But if th­ere’s one thing the people of Indochina know, it’s how to throw a great party, and Banana Tree takes that to a whole new level! Our Indochinese restaurants in Oxford, London and beyond are the perfect place to host your Christmas party – here’s why.

Our Festive Indochinese Fare Saves Turkey for the Special Day

Christmas is famous for its special, festive fare – but during the party season, it’s easy to eat so many Christmas dinners before the day itself, that you never want to eat a roast dinner ever again. Turkey might be tasty, but it loses some of its excitement once you’ve eaten it at your office party on the 10th, your partner’s office party on the 15th, at your grandparents’ the weekend before Christmas and with your best friends on the 23rd – you could be forgiven for craving something different. Our fresh, fragrant Indochinese cuisine is the perfect alternative – it’s delicious enough to celebrate with, but different enough to ensure you’re excited about your Christmas dinner, instead of wondering how much more turkey you can take.

Our Set Christmas Menu is Affordable and Exciting

We’re all about being inclusive at Banana Tree, and we know that Christmas is all about bringing people together, whatever their background or beliefs. That’s why we create a specially cultivated Christmas menu every year, with something for everyone to enjoy – and for incredible value, too.

For just £25 per person before 5pm and £28 per person afterwards, you can enjoy our abundant Indo Street Sharing Platter, (featuring Spring Rolls, Sweet Corn Cakes, Chicken Satays and Thai Spiced Calamari), followed by a choice of our favourite mains, served with salad, a Vietnamese cracker and aromatic spiced rice. Fragrant Roast Duck Curry, Chargrilled Chicken Jawa and Spicy Aubergine are just a small selection of the fantastic options you’ll find on our Christmas menu – and the whole meal is rounded off with a choice of desserts, and a complimentary glass of prosecco, too.  It’s festive feasting at its finest – and it won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Our Abundance of Locations Means There’s a Banana Tree to Suit Everyone

With Banana Trees across London and reaching as far as Chelmsford, Milton Keynes and Oxford, it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for your whole party. Whether you’re planning a meet-up with old friends and trying to find a halfway point or you’re looking for an office party patch that’s as convenient for locals as commuters, Banana Tree’s your place – and you can continue your celebrations late into the night. At the other end of the festive spectrum, if your party includes children, they’re welcome here too.

Whatever type of Christmas party you’re planning, Banana Tree could be just the ticket. Check out our full festive menu here, and get in touch with your local Banana Tree to book today – your guests are sure to still be talking about your Christmas-party-with-a-difference well into the new year.