The Trip of a Lifetime: Our Indochinese Summer Bucket List
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Our Indochinese Summer Bucket List

It’s no secret that we love Indochina for its variety of delicious cuisines – who could say no to spicy noodles, fluffy white rice, tons of fresh herbs and and perfectly grilled meats? But food isn’t the only reason we’re drawn to the region. Indochina’s magnificent landscapes, rich culture and plethora of incredible activities make it one of the best destinations in the world to have the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’ve got a holiday on the cards or you’re looking for travel inspiration to plan your next getaway, here are some of the most jaw-dropping Indochinese experiences to put on your bucket list.

Shop at the Floating Markets

Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, are home to a number of bustling floating markets filled with all kinds of treasures. On the rivers, masses of tiny wooden boats sell souvenirs, snacks, sweet treats and other dishes in a vibrant, buzzy atmosphere. To get an authentic floating market experience, check out Amphawa – it’s the second most popular floating market around Bangkok, but it’s much less touristy than others in the area. You won’t want to miss the mouth-watering seafood sold here – massive prawns, shellfish and squid are grilled in the small boats on the water. Now that’s some fresh fish! 

Visit Cuc Phuong Historical Park

If you’re planning on travelling to Vietnam, you’ll want to spend time in Cuc Phuong National Park, a dense forest with amazing hiking trails and views of majestic mountains and verdant rice paddies. The forest is full of spectacular wildlife, as well – if you keep your eyes, peeled, you’re sure to spot one of the 122 species of reptiles, 135 mammal species and 336 bird species that live in the park. Really feeling adventurous? The park organises trips into the forest for wildlife night-spotting, so you can try your luck at glimpsing a black giant squirrel, a loris or a samba deer.

Take a Cooking Class

It’s not difficult to find an ace cooking class in the Indochinese region, but Bangkok is especially well-known for its fantastic courses. In classes like Cooking with Poo and Friends, expert Thai chefs take visitors on a trip to the local market to shop for ingredients before teaching them how to cook an authentic Thai meal. Taking a cooking course in Thailand is not only a fun way to enjoy a tasty meal – it helps you learn skills that you can use long after you’ve returned home (though we won’t blame you if you still order takeaway from a certain Thai restaurant in Angel).

From exploring loud, energetic markets, to hiking beautiful trails, to learning to cook from the best of the best, the cities, villages and parks of Indochina have something for everyone. Of course, if you aren’t able to make the trip this summer, you can still come in to Banana Tree for an authentic taste of the region. Just order one of our fragrant curries, bun bo bowls or stir fries, close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in one of the vibrant streets of Indochina.