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More Than Just an Indochinese Restaurant in Soho: The Secrets of Banana Tree’s Menu

It’s easy to walk past your local Banana Tree and see nothing more than an attractively designed Indochinese restaurant in Soho, or Maida Vale, or whichever of our 8 locations that you hail from – but behind our modern design and our fresh, contemporary menu, there’s a real story of culture, good food values and adventurous entrepreneurism. 

Our founder and head chef, William Chow, set up his first Indochinese café almost 22 years ago – and now, Banana Tree is known across the country as the home of Indochinese food in the UK. With a menu of pan-Asian cuisine that refuses to be restricted to a single country, a spread of restaurants too colourful and bold to be restricted to one location, and a founder who’s fanatical about flavour, we think it’s time to take a look inside Banana Tree’s menu – and reveal its secret temptations. Whatever your appetite for adventure, and whatever your occasion, we think we can recommend the perfect dish – so read on!

The Best Dishes for Beginners

If you’re new to Indochinese cuisine, we recommend our Crispy Chicken with Mango & Sweet Lime Sauce – a tangy dish which will excite your taste buds without straying too far from the realms of the familiar, it’s perfect for anyone who wants an exciting new take on a cross-cultural staple. Crispy chicken with varying sauces are essential eating across Indochina, and our sweet and sticky sauce is one of the best. Make sure you get a Banana Tree House Combo, to max out on flavour. For just £3.95, you get an Indochinese salad, all the aromatic spiced rice you can eat, an Indo cracker and our sweet corn cakes, as well – perfect for your first adventure into South East Asian cuisine!

The Hottest Dishes for Spice-Savvy Adventurers

If you love a bit of a tingle on your tongue to add excitement to your dishes, Banana Tree is the right restaurant for you! We do plenty of spice-free dishes, but we sure know how to add a bit of Indochinese sizzle – so if you’re looking for a supper which balances fresh, tasty flavours with a spicy twist, check out our Chili, Ginger & Basil stir-fry. Packed with fresh veg and available with or without your choice of meat, it’s perfect with our Aromatic Spiced Rice. If you’re feeling brave? Why not ask your server for extra chili, or pair with our lemongrass & ginger tea to turn up the heat!

Something a Little Bit Different…

If you think you know a thing or two about South East Asian cooking, these Chef-Recommended dishes are something truly special. Expertly developed and highly recommended by Willam Chow himself, order a selection of these dishes on a date if you want to impress. Try our Crispy Seafood Money Bags to start, followed by the Legendary Redang – this dry, aromatic coconut-based curry got its name for a reason, you know! Possibly our favourite dish on the menu, the ‘King of Curries’ comes from the Minangkabau Hill tribe of Indonesia – and it’s sure to go down a treat with even the most discerning date. Finish up with our Coconut Stuffed Green Thai Pancakes for a sweet finish – and don’t forget to wash the whole lot down with one of our tangy Indochinese cocktail jugs!

Whatever the occasion, we really do think our restaurants offer something a little bit special – with great prices, combo options and happy hours to help you get the most from our menu, we strive to give you the very best experience we can. So if you’re ever unsure about what to order, make sure you ask our friendly servers for advice – and they’ll be happy to offer you more Secrets of the Banana Tree menu.