A Melting Pot of Cultures: Seeing Singapore with Fresh Eyes
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A Melting Pot of Cultures: Seeing Singapore with Fresh Eyes

One of the smallest countries in Asia, Singapore proves that looks can be deceiving. It offers an island full of action, whether you’re looking for culture, fashion, greenery or great food – emphasis on the food, including traditional dishes as well as modern Asian cuisine. It is quickly becoming a must-visit destination and it won’t be hard to see why.

A Cultural Melting Pot

It is not very common that you find a cathedral, a mosque and a Hindu temple within walking distance of each other, but because of Singapore’s small radius you can visit all three in one afternoon.

St. Andrews Cathedral is Singapore’s largest cathedral and the oldest Anglican house of worship in the country – it is most certainly a sight to see, especially as it is a prime example of the colonial-era architecture.

Just down the road is the Sultan Mosque, located at the end of Arab street, part of Singapore’s Muslim quarter. The mosque features a spectacular gold dome atop a beautiful structure that is worth the interior and exterior visit.

While there are several Hindu temples in Singapore, the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple is one of the most important and is considered a national monument. Its façade features every colour under the sun and it is one of the oldest temples in the country.

Fashion Central

In Singapore, you will find all of the top fashion houses on Orchard Road offering a cool retreat from the hot weather. If Gucci and Prada aren’t quite your speed, you can even go just to admire the various malls gorgeous architecture or make your way to one of the country’s many markets, like in Chinatown or the Bugis Street Market.

A Green City

Singapore is a surprisingly green city, despite its once concrete dominated skyline. Two attractions that contribute to this substantially and are a must-visit for first time visitors, are the Singapore Botanic Garden and Gardens by the Bay.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are the only tropical gardens to be identified as a UNESCO World heritage site and with its spectacular vegetation, it’s not hard to see why. A visit to the National Orchid Garden is essential – it houses spectacular flowers with many named after notable celebrities.

Gardens by the Bay was built with the purpose of transforming Singapore into a ‘city in a garden’, and we can’t help but think it does just that! The Supertree Grove has become an iconic attraction in the city for its impressive design and their ability to harness solar energy.

Food Glorious Food

Sights, fashion and culture aside, a main pull to Singapore for tourists and residents alike are the mouth-watering, never-ending options of delicious food. The hardest decision to make is not what to eat, but where to eat.

A unique way of eating in Singapore is at Hawker centres, halls with endless stalls of food from bowls of laksa to plates of chicken satay. It’s not like Asian restaurants in Oxford City Centre, although that is where you can find some of the same authentic and delicious dishes at the Oxford Banana Tree location, which not only serves food native to Singapore like the Banana Tree Laksa various satay sticks, but also Thai cuisine, Malaysian and cuisine from the rest of the Indochina region.

If a sit-down restaurant is more your speed, Singapore has those too and is known for its abundance of Michelin star restaurants.

We hope you wonder no more about Asia’s greenest city and are prepared for an exciting visit to the country. If you’ve gone and are craving the food, or just want enjoy some good Indochinese food, be sure to heard over to your nearest Banana Tree location for some quality Indochinese food.