Koh Rong: The Cambodian Constellations in the Ocean
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Koh Rong: The Cambodian Constellations in the Ocean

Thinking of making a visit to the Indochina region? One of the top destinations on our list is Koh Rong, an island in Cambodia known for its head-turning beaches and vibrant and lively atmosphere.

The Glowing Ocean

At first glance, the ocean off the island of Koh Rong seems to sparkle at night, lit up by what looks like thousands of stars. This phenomenon is actually phosphorescent plankton, which ‘light up’ if the water surrounding them is agitated. Pictures do not do this natural phenomenon justice – it is a sight for sore eyes and makes the journey worthwhile a thousand times over.

While you wait for night to fall, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained during the day. Trek through the jungle and 50 minutes later, emerge and find yourself on Sok San Beach – consisting of 7 km of white pristine sand, vendors and fellow beach goers. On the way home, take a tourist boat to Koh Toch beach and watch the sky change magically before your eyes.

Tastes of Koh Rong

Whenever you’re visiting a new place, trying the local food is of the utmost importance. This rings especially true in a place like Koh Rong, where you can try authentic Indochinese Cuisine – it might just taste a little more authentic then say, a Thai restaurant in London.

Koh Rong is more of a touristy island and therefore offers many great options for food that aren’t necessarily authentic like Da Matti?, an Italian restaurant and reggae bar known for its traditional Italian pasta and unique cocktails. The Rising Sun is a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

For some authentic Khmer BBQ, head to the Fishing Hook, which offers an all you can eat buffet for around £4.50. Mom’s Home Cooking and Kiki Restaurant are also both great options for local Cambodian food like Nom Banh Chok and Steamed Fish Amok – if you can’t make it to the island just yet, the latter can be enjoyed at Banana Tree restaurants, the home of Indochina food closer to home.

Getting to Koh Rong requires you to take a flight to Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS) and then a ferry to the island itself. The journey is worth it to see the incredible plankton and have a chance to swim in the sparkling ocean – however, the pristine beaches, lively atmosphere and authentic food are also all well worth the trip and are part of what makes the island truly spectacular.

We know that Cambodia is a bit far… so for an Indochinese experience you can enjoy now, head to your nearest Banana Tree restaurant for some delicious Indochinese cuisine. As we mentioned before, the restaurant offers a mouthwatering Steamed Fish Amok, transporting you to Koh Rong and the Cambodian region with each bite.  Of course, you can sample a dish from any Indochinese region at Banana Tree such as an Aromatic Pho from Vietnam, our gluten free Thai Roast Duck Curry or our spicy Malaysian Laksa Soup.