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Introducing Our Competition Winner: Meet Libby Palmer

You may have been following our latest exciting competition, giving one of Banana Tree’s fans the chance to win a 9-day holiday to Malaysian Borneo, where they’ll get to experience Borneo’s great food, beautiful landscape and unique wildlife. We’re delighted to announce our winner: Libby Palmer! Libby will be visiting Borneo with her husband Gary this summer, where she’ll be enjoying a few classic South East Asian dishes and paying a visit to Banana Tree’s favourite primate, the orangutan, at the Bornean orangutan retreat. We’re thrilled that Libby will soon be experiencing everything that Malaysian Borneo has to offer, and are looking forwardto following her exciting journey as it progresses – so check back here soon for updates! In the meantime, here’s how Libby won the trip of a lifetime, deep into the heart of Borneo.

The Banana Tree Trip to Malaysia Competition

At Banana Tree, we’ve made it our mission to share the culture of Indochina with everyone here in the UK. That’s why we’ve been serving up authentic South East Asian cuisine at our Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian restaurants in Maida Vale, Angel and beyond, ever since 1991. We’ve been committed supporters of Borneo’s orangutans, raising money and spreading awareness in the UK about the plight of our endangered primate cousins. That’s why we thought it was such a great idea to give someone from the UK the chance to see Indochina for themselves – which is how we came to offer Banana Tree restaurant-goers the exciting opportunity to pay Malaysia a visit!

We launched a competition, offering 300 free bottles of prosecco and 300 free starters to anyone lucky enough to find a voucher in their fortune cookie at the end of their Banana Tree meal. The jewel in the crown was a 9-day holiday to Malaysia’s Borneo, complete with a trip to the island’s world-famous orangutan retreat.

Malaysia’s a brilliant example of Indochinese culture. Its beautiful natural landscape, diverse wildlife and friendly locals make it a favourite for Brits looking to get their first taste of South East Asia. And anyone who’s tried Banana Tree’s kajang satay sticks or Malaysian laksa know that the cuisine alone is enough to draw food-lovers to the Indochinese nation. So we’re very excited to see what our competition winner Libby gets up to when she arrives in Malaysia this summer – we’re sure she’ll have plenty of stories to tell us!

How Libby Won Banana Tree’s Trip to Malaysia

When Libby first opened her fortune cookie after her meal at Banana Tree, she didn’t initially didn’t give much thought to the golden ticket she found within. She saw the message that she may have won a trip to Malaysia, but assumed that it was just one of many, and initially didn’t think much of it.

It was only when she told her waitress and the chef came out of the kitchen to congratulate her that she began to suspect it was a bigger deal than she’d thought. Soon she was having her picture taken with the manager, still surprised at everything that was happening!

She spent a week telling herself nothing much would come of her golden ticket, until Banana Tree got in touch to fill her in on the details of the competition. Golden ticket holders were asked to share Banana Tree with their friends, letting them know about our distinctive blend of Indochinese cuisines. Libby performed her role with great enthusiasm, and was a brilliant ambassador for Banana Tree – we could tell she really enjoyed the Banana Tree experience!

When the competition draw was announced, Libby was at work – she’s a sports massage therapist – and missed the call. When she saw what had happened, she called back, and screamed with joy when she was told she’d won!

Libby’s really looking forward to her Malaysian holiday – she’s never been to South East Asia before, and is excited to get to know the region on her 9-day trip. She’s especially keen to see some of Borneo’s adorable baby orangutans! Libby will be providing us with regular updates on her thrilling journey as she soaks up everything Malaysian Borneo has to offer – please check back soon to see what Libby’s been getting up to!