Foodie Paradise: An Adventure in Bangkok
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Foodie Paradise: An Adventure in Bangkok

You’ve found yourself eating Thai food in West Hampstead at Banana Tree, you’re staring at the décor and surrounded by modern Asian cuisine wondering what it would be like to be in Thailand. But what would you eat? What should you see? How do you decide? Should you eat Tamarind Crispy Fish in the contemporary foodie area of Sukhumvit or should you grab Phad Thai from a Floating Market vendor.

As enthusiasts of the Southeast Asia region, we’re going to give you some options, tips and tricks to help guide your eatery decisions ahead of your trip to the foodie paradise that is Bangkok.

Experiencing Nature

When visiting anywhere in Southeast Asia, the biggest attraction is nature and being able to immerse yourself fully into the beautiful environment is a must for any tourist. Being in a city that never rests can make life feel a little hectic, but isn’t being on holiday supposed to be the time to unwind from your day to day stress? The best place to do this is in the stunning Erawan National Park.

Located in West Bangkok, the 1,500-metre-high waterfall, emerald ponds filled with fish, caves and trails make it the ideal place to lose yourself amongst nature. Our top tips are to arrive at the park when it opens at 9 am to avoid the crowds and to make your way to the top of the park and then walk down the tiers to experience its fully.

Exploring the whole park can take up to four hours - depending on how many pictures you take - so we’d recommend having a full breakfast before entering. Fill up on a traditional Thai breakfast such as ‘Jok’ or one of the regions many fresh fruit dishes.

Sukhumvit: A Modern Oasis

Bangkok is known for its modern architecture that contrasts well with its traditional temples and palaces. Identified as “The Heart of Modern Bangkok” – the affluent neighbourhood of Sukhumvit plays host to Sukhumvit road, the longest road in Thailand. You won’t find many tourist attractions in the neighbourhood, but what you will find are contemporary style buildings, shopping and amazing restaurants serving the best in pan-Asian cuisine as well as every other cuisine in the world.

The Floating Markets of Bangkok

Taking a souvenir home and bringing your loved one’s gifts from your travels are both much loved parts of any holiday. In very authentic Thai style, shopping is also an experience with Bangkok’s Floating Markets. With so many to choose from, we would recommend heading to Klong Lat Mayom. This particular floating market is more popular amongst the locals, making it perfect for getting an authentic Thai experience.

What would a trip to the foodie paradise of Thailand be without sampling some Thai cuisine. Klong Lat Mayom has an aroma of distinct smells including jasmine and BBQ pork. This market will have you wanting to spend all your money on food rather than keepsakes. The majority of eateries are on the causeways on either side of this tight canal and there are plenty to choose from. We would recommend trying a portion of Thai Green Curry, Jasmine Rice and Phad Thai from a variety of vendors to share amongst your group - not forgetting to pick up some Thai sweets for dessert!

Be careful when eating close to the canal, the catfish will try and jump out of the water to take your food – much like the pigeons in Soho, therefore we’d strongly recommend staying away from the water in order to eat in peace!

If your Bangkok adventure is destined for the far future or you’ve just arrived back to the UK, and are craving some authentic Thai cuisine, head over to your nearest Banana Tree – we’re sure our food can help hit the spot.